Exlusive Mini Workshop: Stakeholder Engagement Framework For Intranet and Digital Workplace Projects – DWG (DIGITAL WORKPLACE GROUP)

Intranets, collaboration platforms, mobile apps, broader digital workplaces… They’re all technical projects, right? So why do so many of them go wrong? The answer: people. Poor involvement of proper stakeholders leads to slow-downs, confusion, lack of support and results that don’t meet expectations. In this workshop learn about DWG’s “Stakeholder Engagement Framework”, based on over 500 evaluations of large organizations’ digital workplaces and a decade of research.

In this exclusive mini workshop you will learn:

  • Benefits of good stakeholder engagement
  • Common mistakes of working with stakeholders
  • Effective structures for ongoing stakeholder involvement
  • Targeted techniques for engaging with different stakeholder groups
  • How to use data to engage different stakeholder groups
  • The role of user experience design (UXD) in stakeholder engagement

Workshop Leader:  Nancy Goebel, Managing Director, Partnerships and Business  Development, DWG (DIGITAL WORKPLACE GROUP)