Defining A Change Management Strategy For Your Digital Workplace – CAPITAL POWER CORPORATION

2:15pm – 2:45pm

To support a successful adoption of your digital workplace strategy or introduction of any new social, collaborative or online features, a well-thought-out change management strategy is essential. A successful strategy needs to be developed within the context of your organization’s needs and through collaboration, and must allow for evolution by being responsive to your culture and environment.

Capital Power’s approach to change management as it rolls out enhancements to its digital workplace will include practical suggestions in support of your digital workplace strategy and will help you:

  •  Learn the essential aspects for successful change management
  • Determine requirements for your strategy
  • Set the stage for buy-in and ongoing support
  • Learn the power of communications in technology
  • Harness employees and executive
  • Identify success measures and evaluation points to guide your strategy development

Jennifer J. DeCunha, Internal and Online Communications Manager, CAPITAL POWER CORPORATION