Connect, Engage, Inspire – Tips And Techniques To Drive Business, Increase Productivity, And Build Culture On A Shoe-String Budget And A Lean Team – TREASURY WINE ESTATES

This highly informative session will assist you in gaining employee commitment and action by harnessing the energy of your employees themselves. Treasury Wine Estates has managed to do this with not only a lean team, but also a limited budget as well.

Following this discussion, you’ll gain an understanding on how to successfully:

  • Align your communication strategy and priorities with your company’s strategic imperatives and culture
  • Advocate for your employees: get deep into your business to have the pulse of the organization and the resolve to tell it like it is
  • Generate engaging, on-brand messaging: leverage all of your employees to tell stories and generate rich content
  • Use old school and new world channels to meet your audience where they are
  • Drive the message to drive results: lead more than just the message to add real value to your business and demonstrate your worth

Joel Fisher, Vice-President, Group Internal Communications, TREASURY WINE ESTATES