Building And Launching A Global Intranet On A Shoestring Budget – CARE USA

3:25pm to 3:55pm

CARE, a leading international, non-profit humanitarian organization whose poverty fighting programs reached 83 million people last year, was in need of building a global intranet where the staff could actively contribute, share knowledge, find experts and collaborate in new and innovative ways. Having over 6,500 employees in over 80 countries, it was necessary to also be able to train all employees, have multi-language training materials, templates and a governance structure in place.

In this session you will learn how to:
• Create a platform that is accessible to staff in low bandwidth areas, and on all mobile devices and browsers
• Determine the critical factors to success on a tight budget
• Create a global governance structure

JoEllen Saeli-Lane, Director of Internal Communications, CARE USA