Branding From The Inside Out: Inspiring Emotion And Ideas To Deliver An Employment Brand Experience – RED HAT

11:15am – 11:45am

There’s no one who can better tell you company’s story than the people who love working for you. But how do you engage and activate them as loyal ambassadors who passionately share your culture and raise morale among employees? This session will provide you with first-hand examples ad tips to amplify your culture both internally and externally, reinforce your company’s values and mission, and cultivate a workforce that feels a shared responsibility for your company, including how to:

  • Engage your employees to tell authentic stories of you company’s business and culture through video, photography, and social media
  • Create a transparent, collaborative process to capture your employees’ ideas, influence business decisions, and let the best ideas win
  • Enhance existing programs and events – including your employee referral program and company wide-celebrations – to drive emotion, engagement and public interest

Kim Jokisch, Director, Employment Branding + Media