Implementing Various Measurement Approaches to Achieve Significant Improvements in Performance – FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION

2:35pm – 3:10pm

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a 47,000 person agency with a continuing mission “to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.” In performing our safety mission for the busiest, most complex, airspace system in the world, we use a number performance measures, data tools, and, of course people. We measure our regulated industries, airlines, manufacturers, and all category of aviation related training.  We also measure ourselves.  While there have been recent high profile incidents whether Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 or Asiana Airlines 214, and even Colgan Air 3407 flying has never been safer.

The FAA and the flying public is blessed with a decreasing number of fatal commercial accidents, but that creates other challenges:

  • How to extract more information out of a decreasing number of accidents and incidents?
  • How to find new ways of interpreting and evaluating the information and be reactive, proactive, and predictive?
  • How to standardize and disseminate information to our workforce, our industry stakeholders, and the general public?
  • Most importantly, how do take the information and talent we have and not be satisfied by “compliance” but strive to be dynamic and creative in fulfilling our safety mission and serving the flying public.


Sean Denniston, Management and Program Analyst, Flight Standards Service, Safety Management System Program Office, FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION