Out Of The Box Intranet? Seamless Digital Integrations

Out Of The Box Intranet? Seamless Digital Integrations

Phillips 66 converted their intranet to SharePoint Online, going from a highly customized site to an out-of-the-box model with zero customization. This also allowed them to change the intranet from an information dumping ground to a living breathing integrated information source.

As this model has “settled in” across the company, the next challenge is to provide a level of personalization that improves the employee experience and enhances efficiency.

In this session learn about how this journey has led us to use the combination of out-of-the-box and integrations to make our intranet meaningful and efficient for employees.

  • Why decide to go “out-of-the-box” vs. custom development?
  • How they are using integration to create a personal experience
  • What they are doing to help our employees find their relevant information as easily as possible

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