Orchestration in Unordinary Times: We Must Be More Than Just Communicators

Orchestration in Unordinary Times: We Must Be More Than Just Communicators

The last two years have taught us plenty in the realm of strategic communications and streamlined many of the procedures and norms we grew accustomed to in our roles pre-pandemic, and today’s world looks much different than what we were accustomed to two years ago. In the era of WebEx, Zoom, MS Teams, remote work, virtual interactions – how do we ensure a top-down, bottoms-up approach to strategic alignment that helps drive business initiatives and keeps all stakeholders focused and moving in the same direction with the education and empowerment to go out and execute our strategic communications goals?

One key is remaining hyper-focused on cross-functional orchestration, ensuring all parties have insight and education into the company’s vision for success, and as communicators, we are often the central nervous system that touches all other functions within our respective organizations. It’s important that we are educators of and advocators for our strategic goals. So how do we achieve this level of orchestration…

Key Session Takeaways

  1. We must be more than just communicators – we strive to be strategic partners to our internal and external stakeholders to help realize the company’s vision and goals
  2. In a hybrid workforce, we must emphasize the top-down, bottom-up approach to make smarter, well-informed strategic decisions that take into account field and home office variables
  3. We must maintain ‘thoughtful nimbleness’ with our strategies and our approach to achieving our goals

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