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Personal Wellness To Employee Engagement: Wrapping Up Day 2 Of Aligning HR & Internal Communications

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Screen Shot 2021 05 26 at 1 24 41 PM

After two days of the 4th Annual Aligning HR and Internal Communications event, each attendee had plenty of key takeaways. A few notable takeaways were the importance of personal wellbeing, remote employee engagement challenges, launching company-wide challenges, and more.

We heard from several excellent speakers: Giham A.M Hyde of Communique, Mike Klein of Changing The Terms, Kelli Clark of Aon, Mark Mohammadpour of Chasing The Sun, Allison Jackson of KPMG, and Leyla Goodsell of Entergy.

Every speaker brought useful insight to the table that spanned from the importance of understanding digital tools to create a cohesive workspace, personal health & wellness while working remotely, to different perspectives on how to accurately engage your employees.

Overall, every speaker offered worthwhile information. It allowed attendees to deliberate their perspectives and opened up the conversation for troubleshooting issues.

Following this event, ALI Conferences asked attendees what their biggest internal communications challenge they are facing this month. The results were varied and interesting:

If anything can be learned from this event, it’s that internal communications can be a vast topic to handle. After hearing from several well-known businesses, it is clear that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ deal that works for every company. However, it’s important to consider the underlying issues causing internal communication issues and handle them in a productive way.

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