Paola Storchi

Paola Storchi

In my career at UNICEF, I have introduced multiple digital innovations for real-time communication and knowledge exchange — including the first blogs and digital communities, new models for analysis, and sustainable growth.


I empowered some 22,000 staff and partners from the world’s 190 countries and territories by building — from scratch — a vibrant global network of hundreds of communities to accelerate results for every child.


I led a five-fold increase in engagement in the UNICEF Yammer Network; most recently, exponentially increased participation with 4.1 million activities in the first half of 2022; and scaled up a 12-fold increase in read messages (from 1000 to 12,000) over the past year.


In addition to honing my digital storytelling craft, I am also a visual storyteller in Japanese calligraphy and photography. A native of Rome, I work at UNICEF New York.

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