Meet Your Speakers: Storytelling & Content Strategies for Internal Communications

storytelling strategiesJoining us at 2019’s Storytelling & Content Strategies for Internal Communications Conference are over 20 prominent communicators who will be leading interactive workshops and engaging sessions over the 3-day event.  A few of them sat down with us to answer some questions on why they are passionate about communications and the benefit to employing storytelling tools to increase employee engagement.

Are there any emerging trends that internal communicators should be aware of?

As we compete for our audiences’ attention and traditional communications channels are stale and brushed away, my team has embraced a platform that creates an enterprise-wide community of internal multimedia podcasts. Secure, targeted, and engaging, we now share stories and strategies and learn from each other. —Ruben Dario Taborda, Strategic Customer Group, Hospital and Distributor Supply Chain Solutions, Johnson & Johnson

What’s one thing you wish you could tell your past self?

You think you’re in communications but you’re in sales. Your products are your ideas. You need money to execute them. When you ask for it be clear about the expected ROI, then provide updates on your progress. And never stop selling. —Rod Thorn, Senior Director, Pepsico

What do you hope internal communication/employee engagement professionals will take away from this conference (or your session)?

I’ll be sharing ways that I tell stories about San Diego Zoo Global’s efforts to end extinction. And, I’m eager to hear from other internal communicators the ways that they share important stories with their employees. It’s all about bringing the organization’s vision and mission to life. The more ideas we share, the better! —Becky Lynn, Director of Human Resources and Employee Communications, San Diego Zoo Global

Why is this conference important for internal communication professionals to attend?

Great stories create strong bonds. As communicators, we all need to continue to develop our storytelling muscle to engage and motivate our audiences. —Kathy Raymond, Vice President, Internal & Employee Communications, Pitney Bowes

What do you hope internal communication/employee engagement professionals will take away from this conference?

Sparking ideas to try something new, rethinking content and possibly taking home a few new stories of their own. —Kathy Raymond, Pitney Bowes

Interested in hearing more? Check out our complete conference schedule here.

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