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Managing Change In The Hybrid World – Report From The 6th Annual Digital Workplace Summit

ALI’s first in-person event in over two years the “6th Annual Digital Workplace Summit: Engagement Strategies For Employee Communications” happened last week in Las Vegas.

Over 20 hours of Internal comms knowledge was shared, in the 3-day conference. Preston Lewis Of Intactic created interactive breakouts during the conference.

Below is the work from one of our break out groups:

This group’s topic was “Managing Change In The Hybrid World” this is something all internal communicators face today. Some ideas the group presented included: “finding a way to build in fun” they also suggested, “emotional storytelling” which can help sell the story the IC team is telling. Crafting a change narrative story for why change is happening, also can help visualize the desired change.
Another important aspect of this new hybrid world is still fostering the face-to-face element, while the team may be dispersed that doesn’t mean you have to be alone in your home officer forever! Planning company visits to conferences and team off-sites; can help strengthen teams bonds and allow for employees to feel more connected to the organization overall. This group also discussed the “What’s in it for me factor” often, employees feel disillusioned with their organizations if they don’t fully understand their company’s mission and values. This can be relieved by helping your employee see the impact their work has and how critical they are to the mission.

Interested in joining your internal comms peers and teammates in a face-to-face setting? Check out ALI conference’s full event line-up including live events in Atlanta, Washington DC, and Chicago!

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