Learn How To Optimize Your Biometric Deployment For Success – THE INSTITUTE FOR TRANSFUSION MEDICINE

Discover ways and tactics to ensure success with your biometric deployment, including how to: Create a detailed and strategic approach Prepare for the various implementation stages Deliver on your core brand promise Communicate your unique value to your reader Enable clearer understanding and more effective collaboration Sharpen content for SEO and SEM Eric G. Schulties, Vice

Integrating The Use Of Biometric Technology For Employee And Family Health Screenings To Drive Behavior Change – FLORIDA HOSPITAL

Biometric health screenings are offered to all employees and their spouses as a core component of its Healthy 100 Employee program. This discussion will explore the benefits of biometric health for your employees, including: Developing an innovative design of biometric screenings to foster high participation rates How to use biometric screens to facilitate utilization of healthcare resources and programs Creating action