Enabling Your Employees To Effectively Converse And Collaborate In The Digital Age— And Reap The Benefits For Your Organization – IBM

There’s a digital conversation going on right now. All over the globe, individuals are sharing information, expertise, making decisions, building relationships, and more, without even leaving their seats. Sentiment and knowledge are being created around topics that could have a direct impact on your business. Are you out there? Are you part of the conversation?

How To Use Analytics To Better Communicate With And Engage Your Employees – Understand Your Employee’s Needs, Create Relevant Content, & Deliver It To The Medium They Prefer – WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS

The most important part of communications is listening to and understanding your audience, which can be done with more accuracy today thanks to the availability of website analytics. The Washington State Department of Corrections – one of the largest government agencies in the Pacific Northwest – came across the need to communicate a significant philosophical

How To Use Simplified Language To Increase Your Employee Engagement Across A Global Organization Through Improved Readability And Collaboration – CISCO SYSTEMS

Cisco Systems, an IT company with over 60,000 employees, has asked employees to simplify their language and speak in a voice that is distinctively “one” as a company . Within four months of starting this monumental effort, 200 people were trained and actively using the new language guidelines to create content. Leading executives were speaking

How To Integrate The Use Of Video Into Your Internal Communications Strategy To Properly Tell Your Story In A Way That Inspires And Celebrates Your Employees – TEACH FOR AMERICA

Bring the story of your company to life; take your audience to the heart of the action and build an esprit de corps amongst your target audiences! This is what Teach For America has aimed to do with its own internal TV-like talk show program, “The Blank Show.” As their staff has grown and dispersed,

Follow The Curve: Ways To Employ A Slow, Deliberate Shift To Engage Employees With An Internal Social Network – U.S. BANK

When large groups of people adopt technology, they naturally follow a curve. Innovators and early adopters eagerly jump in, blazing the trail for the majority to come marching behind. Grudgingly, the laggards walk away from their rotary phones and rabbit-ear antennas and join the rest. U.S. Bank, the 5th largest commercial bank in the U.S.,

Humanize Your Brand: How to Leverage Social Media to Promote, Motivate, and Recognize Your Most Powerful Asset – Your Employees – ESURANCE

“Meet Esurance,” is Esurance’s branded video series It invites viewers into their world by letting them see what goes on behind the scenes. This kind of transparency, where a real employee engages on behalf of the Esurance brand, has proven to be a great way to help build consumers’ trust as well as employee engagement.

Learn How To Achieve Manager Buy-In And Employee Engagement Through Compelling Communications That Reinforce Employee Appreciation And Pride While Maximizing Results – SCRIPPS HEALTH

If you are responsible for communicating new or changing HR programs to large employee audiences, you won’t want to miss this session. As one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” over the past six years, Scripps Health has successfully engaged staff at all levels in wellness, benefits, recognition, incentive, work-life and career development

Connect, Engage, Inspire – Tips And Techniques To Drive Business, Increase Productivity, And Build Culture On A Shoe-String Budget And A Lean Team – TREASURY WINE ESTATES

This highly informative session will assist you in gaining employee commitment and action by harnessing the energy of your employees themselves. Treasury Wine Estates has managed to do this with not only a lean team, but also a limited budget as well. Following this discussion, you’ll gain an understanding on how to successfully: Align your

Ensuring Success With A Social Intranet: How To Connect With Employees, Foster Discussions & Harness The Power Of The Hub – THOMSON REUTERS

Leaders and communicators are effectively sparking conversation and connecting employees with each other, management and the information they need to work more effectively. These conversations include, but aren’t limited to, executive blogging, fostering discussions, voicing concerns, and addressing business issues. This session will provide you with specific examples about how your communicators and leaders alike