Improving Employee Engagement through Modernized Health Care Communications: Conference Roundup

Improving Employee Engagement through Modernized Health Care Communications: Conference Roundup

Over 20 of the best health care internal communicators gathered in Boston to discuss and present their successes with improving employee engagement through their internal communications strategies.

The morning of Sept. 18th, 2019 opened with the conference facilitator, CEO and Co-Founder of Local Wisdom, Pinaki Kathiari’s own inspiring experience as a health care administrator. The attendees then went around the room and shared their internal communications strengths, as well as some key takeaways they plan to leave with after the next two days.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the approaches their peers take to communicate effectively with their organization. What are the new tools they are using?
  • Effectively use company social media accounts to keep employees informed and engaged. Cross the bridge to inspire them so they come to work every day motivated.
  • Reach deskless employees—nurses, physicians, etc.—more efficiently and with measurable ROI in communications.
  • Start monitoring the results of your communications and implement strategic changes.
  • Dividing who (Marketing, PR, Communications, HR) communicates to employees and how each department can work together to effectively deliver an aligned organizational message.
  • Begin optimizing existing internal communications channels, such as intranets, social media accounts, etc., in order to deliver updates to deskless employees.

Later, John Twombly, Senior Consultant, Internal Communications at St. Louis Children’s Hospital presented on how a higher purpose can influence employee engagement through a strategic narrative, having engaging managers, encouraging employee voice, and finally promoting integrity and trust in your organization.

On Day Two, Axel Gumbel, Senior Communication Specialist at Mayo Clinic, took all the attendees through three major emergencies the employees of the Mayo Clinic experienced, and how the communications team efficiently informed their staff, in order to maintain their well-being and safety.

Many more health care communicators presented over the two-day conference, sharing insights, intranet, and digital workplace strategies, advice, and much more. All attendees closed the two-day conference with a recap of their top 10 key takeaways that they can return to the office and implement with success.

Interested in learning more? Attend the 7th Annual Strategic Internal Communications—West, January 28-30, 2020 in San Francisco

7th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference | San Francisco

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