Brilliance@Work — How To Use Mobile To Transform Your Company Culture

Brilliance@Work — How To Use Mobile To Transform Your Company Culture

Written by: Peggy Bieniek,ABC, Starry Blue Brilliance 
Collaboration is what ties culture and best practices together.

Mobile is a best practice for employee and customer communication, but in “Infographic: Why Every Organization Should be Using Mobile,” Text Marketer reports that “unbelievably, there are still some people out there who still think mobile is a fad and are still not using it to market their business!”

In my profile of Chris Dornfeld, President and Co-founder of Bonfyre, he explained that “people to people communication is where engagement, trust, collaboration, empowerment, sentiment and innovation are all affected the most. A social mobile platform like Bonfyre is specifically and uniquely designed to support people to people communication – the source of company culture.”

Learn more about the benefits of mobile communication platforms as Chris Dornfeld and Jennifer Pruett, Director, HR Communications, Express Scripts, present “Leveraging Social & Mobile Communications Internally to Build Community, Camaraderie and Culture” at the Strategic Internal Branding Conference, April 19-21 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With a workforce of over 28,000, spanning across 80 communities around the country, Express Scripts supports employees’ efforts to help shape and champion a changing and robust culture. During their presentation, Chris and Jennifer will share how social and mobile internal communications are catalysts for culture change and community building, and how to:

  • Implement social-based communication tools in the workplace
  • Pull data from social communications to provide key HR insights and intelligence
  • Engage employees where they are, on their time, based on their interests, to transform and build culture


Chris Dornfeld is President and Co-founder of Bonfyre, a mobile, social engagement platform used by people, brands and companies around the globe. Prior to Bonfyre, Chris served in executive roles in several start-up companies, including a venture-backed health services start-up that grew to over 500 people in 18 months.

In his Brilliance@Work interview Chris shares the role that he feels mobile platforms play in transforming organizational culture, current projects, and what internal branding topic he is most excited to discuss.


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