How to connect & engage employees

How to connect & engage employees

Connecting Employees_Engage Employees

An effective way of engaging employees is by connecting them to their work’s purpose.

But how do we connect them to their work’s purpose?

1) Communicate your brand to employees – Internal brand activation requires a strategic plan to communicate with employees. Activating the brand internally is very similar to an external brand launch. The primary purpose of internal brand activation is to clearly communicate your organization’s mission, vision, and values to employees. Storytelling, especially through video, has become a popular method for internal brand activation across numerous industries and leading organizations.

2) Give your employees a sense of purpose – Cultivate passion for your organization’s mission. When an internal brand activation strategy is properly executed, your workforce will be more informed, engaged, and inspired. Draw a clear line between each employee’s or department’s job function and achieving the mission of the organization. When an employee understands how their work fits into the bigger picture, they are more likely to be inspired to contribute to the mission of the brand.

3) Do not just connect them to your brand, connect them to each other, too – Encourage collaboration by creating a solid internal brand that is supported by appropriate communication tools and technology. Intranets and social enterprise networks are innovative technologies used by companies large and small. These platforms provide a workforce, regardless of geography, with opportunities to connect and collaborate. When you keep your employees connected to the brand and to each other, it will lead to a much more informed and productive workforce.

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