4 common mistakes when using gamification in business

4 common mistakes when using gamification in business

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Enterprise gamification can be a powerful tool when it comes to engaging your workforce and reaching business goals. So powerful, in fact, that doing it wrong can cause a lot of damage and reverse progress.

Here are 4 common mistakes professionals make when using gamification in business…

  1. Poor design and/or execution. Games have the ability to change behavior and in this context, they must be strategically designed to motivate employees while creating a user-friendly experience.
  1. Unclear goals and objectives. Gamification programs and applications are only truly effective when the users (employees, in this case) truly understand the purpose. Without this understanding, the motivation to participate diminishes.
  1. Too much focus on competition. While gamification aims to inspire healthy competition, too much focus on this aspect can be detrimental to your workforce. In order to find the balance and hone healthy competition, make sure to focus on progress, collaboration, and mutual accomplishment.
  1. Too many rewards. Rewards are a great way to increase engagement with your enterprise gamification programs. But, if a reward is given for pretty much anything and everything, it becomes irrelevant. Choose specific rewards for specific checkpoints. This is a strategy that is more likely to sustain long-term motivation.


What processes and techniques do you employ within your organization to avoid making common gamification mistakes? Tell us in the comments section below…


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