Masterclass: Transforming Internal Communications through Technology

Masterclass: Transforming Internal Communications through Technology

Assessing and Selecting the Right Employee Communications Application for Your Organization

September 14, 2021 - September 15, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

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A deep dive session to answer your most pressing questions and provide you with tips you can apply immediately.


Choose the Right Tool for the Job – One Size Does Not Fit All

Find the right technology to help you modernize employee communications, improve employee experience, and promote a more inclusive culture.

There are dozens of solutions in the Employee Communications Applications (ECA) market now with more definitely to come in the future. It is therefore critical for your organization and your IT and communications professionals to take a step back to determine if your current employee communications solutions are solving the challenge of getting information to, communicating and engaging with all employees.

This masterclass will take a deep dive into benchmarking a variety of popular tools helping you to make the best decision for your communication needs, including how to:

  • Strengthen the partnership between communications and IT
  • Elevate the importance of the employee experience in the C-Suite
  • Analyze current employee communications and engagement stack
  • Identify communication goals and strategies and how these can be accomplished through the use of technology
  • Implement employee communications programs that address the needs of all employees
  • and more!

Meet Your Instructor

jeff corbin

Jeff Corbin


ECA Consulting Inc.

With the recent COVID-19 Pandemic and so much of the global workforce working remotely, employee communications has taken on a greater level of importance. Whether it be daily updates or critical company policy changes and announcements, expedient and direct communications is now not only required, it is critical to an organization’s ability to operate.

Communications professionals are the ones confronted with the business challenge of getting information to, communicating and engaging with employees. However, in many instances, communications teams are thinly staffed and its professionals, who are responsible for communicating with employees are also responsible for all other communications requirements, and therefore are constantly being pulled into different directions losing the ability to focus on this critical company autidence.

Enter ECA Consulting Group, founded by Jeff Corbin, the CEO and founder of APPrise Mobile and theEMPLOYEEapp as well as the former CEO of KCSA Strategic Communications. After selling APPrise Mobile to a private equity firm in 2019, Jeff created ECA Consulting to offer his decades of experience helping Communications and IT professionals implement best practices to be more effective and efficient in their work through the use of technology, better communicate with and enhance the employee experience, and smartly navigate the increasingly complex Employee Communications Applications market (ECA) as defined by technology research group Gartner.

Benefits of Attending This ALI Masterclass

  • Access to a tactical presentation with real examples and proven strategies
  • Networking list for attendees to continue the conversation after the virtual Masterclass
  • Interactive, hands-on breakout sessions allowing you to work with your communication peers
  • Certificate of attendance for CEU’s
  • Opportunity to meet your peers face-to-face while remaining safe
  • Recording of the virtual Masterclass after the event ends
  • A fraction of the cost of an ALI in-person workshop with the same high-quality content
  • Content from leading consultants delivered straight to your home/office
  • Guaranteed extensive, how-to instruction that you can use immediately
  • Opportunity to have your most pressing issues on the topic answered in real-time
  • This isn’t a passive experience! You will be encouraged to weigh in with poll questions, engage via chat throughout the entire event, and turn your camera on during group breakout sessions.
  • Leave with a thorough understanding of the competencies covered and how they apply or can be applied in your work context

Who Should Attend

This Masterclass has been researched and designed for Directors, Managers, Vice Presidents, Specialists, Officers, Leaders and Consultants involved in:

      • Internal Communications
      • Employee Engagement
      • Brand Communication
      • Corporate Communications
      • Public Affairs
      • Strategic Communications
  • Employee Communications
  • Change Management
  • Intranet Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Global Communications
  • Organizational Development
  • Training & Development
  • Field Operations
  • Employee Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning

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