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Environment, Social, and Governance Approaches For Internal Communications



With a global pandemic (mostly) under our belts, we have learned the incredible importance of creating not only a sustainable environment but expanding that sustainability to our social and governance sectors.

We understand that sustainability on a personal level is important, but why does it matter if it flows into the social and governance points? Let’s explore ESG a bit further:

What is ESG? (1)

Why Does ESG Matter?

Overall, it appears that companies that take a proactive approach with ESG tend to outperform those that do not. These businesses find themselves to be better equipped to handle extreme climate situations, respond to new demands, and implement new changes towards a more sustainable footprint. By mitigating risks earlier on, businesses can save potentially millions on expansion projects or revamps by opting for renewable and zero-emission projects.

One of ALI’s past speakers, Gihan Hyde, works with Corporate Communicators to bring ESG stories to life. In her ESG based article, she outlines how ESG is not only an organizational issue (and compares it to wedding cake) but states “PR & comms…creates an opportunity to…craft and lead the ESG narrative” to further create solutions and actionable plans for businesses.

ALI Conferences ran a survey on whether or not a person’s organization has started an ESG communications plan. A whopping 76% of respondents stated ‘Yes‘, while 22% of respondents answered ‘No’ and 3% stated it was ‘Not a priority at this time.‘ These numbers indicate that utilizing ESG best practices can help companies become more resilient and being ready for the possible impact of any emerging issues.

ESG Strategies

Now that we understand the importance of ESG, how can a business begin strategizing? Mack Bhatia from TheSustainability (2) offered several strategies to utilize for ESG:

From this information, investors are progressively assessing companies in terms of their comprehensive performance, long-term sustainability, and societal impact. The data and importance of ESG cannot be overlooked and sustainable projects and funding should be a requirement for all companies.



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