Empowering Employees: Creating Engaging Content & Showing Vulnerability

Empowering Employees: Creating Engaging Content & Showing Vulnerability

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On June 4, 2020, ALI Conferences hosted the virtual Government Employee Engagement & Internal Communications conference where government & non-profit peers attended across the country logged on and learned how creating engaging content can improve their internal communications.

Speakers from the National Transportation Safety Board, Green Room Speakers, Skill Scout, GSA TTS, and the Missouri DCI presented their success stories on improving the employee experience and creating effective leadership communications.

The largest themes of this conference: Begin creating engaging content by showing your gratitude and vulnerability.

Social Emotions During Social Distancing

As we continue to social distance, how many of us have felt emotionally distant as well? Displaying gratitude to our colleagues and coworkers can greatly impact our social emotions in a time of social distancing. Employee relations will strengthen, mental health will improve, and employee engagement will boost as employees are encouraged to “pay it forward.”

Encouraging employees to show gratitude to their colleagues is another great way to crowdsource content for internal communications. It allows employees to lift up their team and gives them a personal and authentic voice in their organization while they take charge of creating engaging content for their colleagues.

Video is King & Queen

We’ve all heard it before and it’s true: Video is King (& Queen). We are wired for visual learning, so it’s only natural that candidates and employees alike can learn more effectively about their organization and leadership through video content.

But you don’t have to create this content from scratch. Create motivating stories through video by empowering employees to be the storytellers of their work. All it takes are a few tools: a smartphone, a microphone adapter, and a ring-light. Make these tools available to all and make sure your employees know how to get them. Inspire motivation in your workforce by allowing your organization to show off their accomplishments.



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