Employer Brand: An asset to attract new talent

Employer Brand: An asset to attract new talent

Employer Brand: An asset to attract new talent

Employer brand, sometimes referred to as talent brand, can be a powerful asset to attract new talent.

Creating and nurturing an employer brand is an investment in organizational development that many recruiters and talent acquisition professionals can leverage in their daily jobs. The idea is to build a brand that inspires and motivates current and potential employees.

Don’t have an employer brand? It’s not too late to start. If you’re starting from the beginning, or even if your current employer brand is due for a refresh, it’s always advisable to partner with your organization’s marketing department whenever possible to help create the vision and strategy.

Here are some additional tips in leveraging a strong employer brand as as asset to attract new talent:

Consistency is key

Ensure a consistent picture of your employer brand.  The organization’s website, social media profiles, job listings, and everything in between should have consistent branding and messaging. A potential job candidate will research your organization online. Make sure that the information being served to them online is not only accurate in all areas, but creates a consistent and positive perception of the company.

Not sure where to start? Do an audit of all the information available on your company channels, including the website. This will give you a clearer ‘big picture’ and a better idea of where to start when updating and creating a consistent image for your employer brand.

Be active

Don’t let your organization’s blog or social media accounts sit in silence. These are great channels to use when showing potential employees that your organization is progressive. But, it’s not enough to simply create those online presences; you have to leverage them on a regular basis. For instance, if your company blog hasn’t been updated in several months, or your last social media post was more than a week ago, it could be perceived that your employer brand isn’t committed to engagement or participating in relevant and innovative conversations.

Seek out recognition

Being recognized on lists like “100 Best Companies to Work For” or “50 Best Workplaces for Women” is another effective way to garner the attention of potential job candidates. Identify the lists your organization strives to be a part of, and understand the qualities and requirements for the honor. Set goals for your team that, once achieved, will help your organization receive the recognition it wants as a desirable workplace. Appearing on these “best lists” and receiving awards is a great way to strengthen your employer brand and improve potential employees’ perspective of the company.


What else are you doing within your organization to create and strengthen your employer brand? We want to hear about it in the comments section below!

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