Employee Wellness for Multi-Generational, Diverse, Remote and Frontline Employees

Employee Wellness for Multi-Generational, Diverse, Remote and Frontline Employees

When it comes to business, a one-size-fits-all approach to employee wellness does not address all of the needs of a varied workforce. Today, organizations are employing employees from all walks of life and need to celebrate and appreciate the diversity of their employees. Working to effectively communicate with them and encourage workplace wellness will drive productivity, culture, and community within any organization.

Personal Connections

Creating a personal connection with and between employees is an important aspect of every organization. Our upcoming conference, Strategic Internal Communications for a Diverse and Remote Workforce, taking place April 21-23 in New Orleans aims to address this topic head-on.

Many organizations are naturally faced with separation as a result of age, title, ethnicity or location. However, it’s the responsibility of the organization to break that separation and encourage a sense of community and camaraderie between employees and management.

employee wellnessThis can be achieved by creating a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere. Encourage employees to take coffee outings with one another and create community workspaces throughout the office such as open tables and couches that can be used to collaborate. You can also use group chat tools, such as Google Hangouts or Slack, to encourage frontline and remote employees to engage with one another. Introducing chat software will make everyone feel connected to one another and included in day-to-day communication.

Tech Resources

Organizations can also use tech resources to engage and share information with employees in a way that they’ll feel inclined to interact or respond to. Employers should take advantage of social media and other resources to connect with employees on a deeper level. It can be used to share internal information in a more fun and informal way.

Formal emails sent to the masses are all but a thing of the past. Creating fun initiatives, creative deliveries and using blogs, social media, and an informal organization-wide chat will make employees feel more connected and engaged.


Office ergonomics can have a big influence on employee wellness both in the office and remotely. It’s important to ensure employees are aware of all possible health risks, such as digital eye strain, sedentary lifestyles and back, neck and shoulder issues.

It can be difficult to inform people about all of the facets of office ergonomics, but a great place to start is by supplying employees with videos and other training addressing the topic. If it’s within your organization’s budget, you can take this a step further by purchasing ergonomically friendly items. Supply employees with blue light glasses to combat eye discomfort and long-term vision problems or set up ergonomic workspaces, including standing desks, supportive desk chairs and laptop/monitor stands.

You can also inspire fitness challenges and initiatives through social media or an organization-wide chat and create engagement by offering rewards. This can bring the organization closer together, while also promoting overall health and wellness.

Flexible Work Hours

A flexible work schedule can benefit the well being of all employees along with the well-being of your organization. This gives employees the much-needed freedom and work-life balance they desire and also provides the necessary time they need to sleep, exercise and practice self-care. It allows them to work when they feel the most productive, whether that be earlier or later in the day, which ensures efficiency and will provide positive results for your organization.


employee wellnessThe Extra Mile

Employers can also promote a healthy workplace culture by reimbursing all or part of employees’ fitness memberships, fitness trackers and supplying healthy snacks at the office (or offer a healthy snack stipend or delivery service to remote employees). Organizations could also organize a wellness event, such as a field day or a walk/run for charity when all employees come together for annual organization-wide meetings or for employees to participate in their free time.

ALI Conferences can supply you with all of the information you need to create a connected, collaborative and engaging atmosphere for your employees at the Strategic Internal Communications for a Diverse & Remote Workforce conference, April 21-23 in New Orleans. Taking the time to restructure your organization’s internal affairs will promote a healthier, more enjoyable work environment and a more productive workforce.

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