Our Next Guest Needs No Introduction: Delivering Employee Messages Live Through Studio Broadcasting

Guest post by: Chip Midnight, Producer, Studio Manager at Nationwide

I’m often asked, “How do you get leaders to agree to do a live broadcast?” to which I respond with a question of my own: “How can you afford not to?”

In our current corporate culture, employees have more trust in leaders who are open, honest and transparent and deliver messages live, rather than through a scripted, highly-produced recording.

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Photographer: Kristoffer Tripplaar/Sipa via AP

As the producer in a live video broadcast studio at Nationwide Insurance headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, I’ve created a comfortable environment that allows everyone from leaders to interns to deliver messaging in a consistent, engaging, and often entertaining, talk-show format. Employees can view these streaming broadcasts on the intranet and can interact with the studio guests by sending text questions that are answered live. Employees feel like their questions, opinions, and concerns are being heard and leaders demonstrate their willingness to share everything they know in a very transparent way. The streaming technology provides us with the ability to stream to all office locations across the U.S. and all employees enjoy the same viewing experience regardless of their role at Nationwide or their geographic location.

During the “Live from the KISS Studio” presentation, I’ll be showing examples of how Nationwide leaders have utilized the broadcast studio to deliver strategic messaging, answer questions that are on the top of employee minds, and address water cooler rumors and concerns as well as provide inspiration on how you can encourage your leaders to give live streaming a try.

See Chip Midnight’s session, and others, at an ALI Conference or Virtual Event!

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