Social Media for Government Communications

7 benefits of using social media for government communications

Government agencies at the local, state, and national level are finding new and innovative ways to leverage social platforms as a low-cost and effective communication tool. While there can be challenges, there are also undeniable benefits of using social media for government outreach and citizen engagement. Before you remove ‘social media’ from your ongoing communications

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Improving government customer service using social media

Government: Improve customer service using social media

There is an increasing focus on customer service and citizen engagement in government. Many agencies are turning to social media as a way to extend and improve customer service. Here are some ways to successfully leverage social platforms to deliver better customer service, and a few proven best practices to consider when engaging citizens on

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Social Media Policy for Government

Creating a social media policy for government

Leveraging social media for government communications is an effective, low-cost solution that’s gained momentum in the last several years. Creating a social media policy for government agencies is a critical step in implementing an ongoing digital engagement strategy for citizens. Although there’s no way of knowing exactly what situations might arise on social media, it’s

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identity & access management strategy

How to implement a successful identity & access management strategy

Identity and access management (IAM) is a challenge that organizations and government agencies face every day. An IAM strategy is necessary when combating vulnerability, decreasing risk, and choosing technological solutions. Without strategy, there might be panic. And with panic comes a whole new set of challenges. Stay ahead of the curve, keep up with the

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Connecting the workplace to the marketplace

Connecting the Workplace to the Marketplace

By: Jim Shaffer, Jim Shaffer Group Many organizations could improve results if their external and internal communication worked together to improve the customer experience. For this to work, internal communication would need to broaden its role. Some are doing that. I recently addressed a conference of business communication professionals on the role of a trusted

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internal brand activation

The importance of internal brand activation

Don’t just engage employees. Involve them in your brand. By: Steve Batterson and Brea Malloy, Associate Directors of Brand Strategy at Simple Truth Every business has a reason for being. Every business also has its own way of being. Internal brand activation connects the first, your brand promise, with the second, your company culture. Which,

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3 keys to a successful Digital workplace

3 keys to a successful digital workplace

Organizations are re-imagining the way they do business, internally and externally. As intranets continue to evolve and new digital technologies emerge, the digital workplace is taking center stage. So, how do we create a successful digital workplace?   Rethink the role of the intranet. As technology continues to change exponentially, managing and deciding which changes

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3 benefits of a digital workplace

3 benefits of a digital workplace

A well-planned digital workplace can have important benefits that prepare a business for the future of work. When making the case for an updated intranet and the move towards a digital workplace, consider these three benefits: Create community. Give your workforce a place to engage in two-way communication with each other. Create a valuable community

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common digital workplace mistakes

Avoid these 4 common digital workplace mistakes

To ease the transition, make sure you avoid common digital workplace mistakes. The workplace continues to evolve past the traditional intranet. Digital transformation and transition to a digital workplace is a significant challenge, but critical to moving towards the future of work. Building a valuable and streamlined digital workplace keeps employees engaged with relevant content,

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intranet & digital workplace trends

9 intranet & digital workplace trends

The rise of intranets and digital transformation signifies a fundamental shift in the workplace: out with the old, in with the new. Organizations large and small are embracing the concept and moving towards a digital workplace. A digital workplace provides employees with the self-serve convenience of a digital information hub and collaboration tools. The digital

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