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What ‘Live’ Kelly and Michael saga teaches us about communication during reorganization and change

Written by: Priya Bates, President, Inner Strength Communication Inc. “This started a conversation about communication, and consideration and most importantly respect in the workplace.” Kelly Ripa Not many of us have time to watch ‘Live’ with Kelly and Michael, especially if you have a day-time job; but for the past week, I’ve been watching the saga and

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3rd Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference

How Do You Measure Collaboration Success?

Written by: Curtis Hughes What is collaboration? No, don’t Google it. I don’t want Webster’s definition; I want your definition. Hard question, isn’t it? Now imagine trying to actually measure whether or not you are actually doing a good job of collaborating. How do you measure something you can’t clearly define? Impossible, pointless, meaningless? Trust

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The (New) Definition of Employee Engagement

Written by: Lenny DeFranco Employee engagement has been one of the most talked-about topics in human capital management for twenty-five years. And yet, despite the attention of professionals from every area of the business world—or maybe because of it—the term itself has never gained a universal definition. There’s no reason it couldn’t, though. On the

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5 Trends for Talent Acquisition in 2016

Written by: Miriam Dushane  As we head into 2016, I believe that most employers – whether hiring in local markets or nationally – will experience increased difficulty in recruiting. This challenge will be driven mainly by a growing demand for high-quality candidates across all levels and types of positions. Everyone involved in hiring will need

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Small “Reminders”Keep Culture Alive

First published in HR People and Strategy For a number of years, I worked at the New York City headquarters of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. One unmistakable part of the experience was being greeted every morning by bright red wall-to-wall carpeting. Step off the elevator, on any floor, and you were immediately treading

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Driving Citizen-Centric Engagement

Written by: Dan Chenok A Citizen-Centric Government experience is going to be the new normal in today’s Digital world. Mark Fisk is the lead author for this article.  Mark is a Partner within IBM’s Global Business Services division. I had the privilege of recently attending the Citizen’s Engagement Summit hosted in Washington, DC to learn

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