The Roadmap: How to Start and Plan a Digital Marketing Strategy

Written by Matt Brannon, Gravity Digital. Many businesses are missing out on new customers because they are intimidated or confused about digital marketing strategy. It’s true, with a million tools, channels and tactics that change almost daily, it can be hard to know where to spend your time, money, and energy. If your business does

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What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know About Millennials

By Anne Carrie, Gravity Digital. According to the US Census Bureau, Millennials (ages 18-34) are now the nation’s largest generation, having surpassed the baby boomers (51-69). This so-called “drive-thru” generation has grown up using smartphones, going to Starbucks, and ordering Netflix from their Ipads. It is the age of on-demand, and there is the expectation

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Pokémon Go Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming And Augmented Reality

Written by: Matt Manning, Inward Strategic Consulting In 1996, Nintendo released a role-playing game for their handheld Game Boy system called Pokémon, short for “pocket monsters”. In this game, “trainers” explored a world filled with animal-like characters called Pokémon. The goal was to catch Pokémon in a ball, and then train them by battling other

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3 Mistakes You’re Making With Gamification In Business

Written by: Christie Wroten 1. Failing to personalize the training experience. When you’re using gamification for mandatory online training, consider your learner’s preferences. Even though gamification is the current trend—and has tons of success—not all employees will want to participate. Make gamification a choice. An article I read in Chief Learning Officer points out that

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Pharma, Are You Looking For More Innovative Promotional Ideas?

Originally posted on Compliance Center by Ilyssa Levins and Debra Michaels Conventional wisdom holds that the best way to boost a team’s creativity is to unshackle them from constraints. But innovation expert Adam Richardson, in his Harvard Business Review blog post entitled “Boosting Creativity Through Constraints” counters this perspective and uniquely asserts that the best

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Connecting the workplace to the marketplace

Connecting the Workplace to the Marketplace

By: Jim Shaffer, Jim Shaffer Group Many organizations could improve results if their external and internal communication worked together to improve the customer experience. For this to work, internal communication would need to broaden its role. Some are doing that. I recently addressed a conference of business communication professionals on the role of a trusted

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internal brand activation

The importance of internal brand activation

Don’t just engage employees. Involve them in your brand. By: Steve Batterson and Brea Malloy, Associate Directors of Brand Strategy at Simple Truth Every business has a reason for being. Every business also has its own way of being. Internal brand activation connects the first, your brand promise, with the second, your company culture. Which,

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