Intranet & Digital Workplace

intranet & digital workplace trends

9 intranet & digital workplace trends

The rise of intranets and digital transformation signifies a fundamental shift in the workplace: out with the old, in with the new. Organizations large and small are embracing the concept and moving towards a digital workplace. A digital workplace provides employees with the self-serve convenience of a digital information hub and collaboration tools. The digital

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using different language to convert executives

Using different language to convert executives

By Stacy Wilson, ABC, Eloquor Consulting, Inc. Many executives still don’t appreciate the business value of using social technology inside the organization. In some cases, you need to use different language when you talk to them about social technology. While sometimes this is necessitated by a lack of experience or even technology fear, most of

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Internal Communications Strategy

Why your organization needs a digital internal communications strategy

Employee engagement is a buzz term that (hopefully) every business professional is aware of. In successful companies, leadership acknowledges the importance of engaging and retaining top talent. Why is employee engagement so important? Employee engagement directly impacts the bottom line. However, according to a poll from Gallup, nearly 70% of U.S. workers weren’t engaged in

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Common internal communications mistakes

4 common internal communications mistakes

Avoiding these common mistakes when planning and implementing your internal communications strategy will help ensure you’re building a highly engaged workforce and making a positive impact on the bottom line. Avoid these 4 common internal communications mistakes: 1) Lack of objectives and goals – This might go without saying, but deciding what your objectives and

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challenges internal communicators face

5 challenges internal communicators face

As the role of internal communicators continues to evolve and more tools and technologies become available, businesses are being faced with new challenges each and every day. Recognizing and understanding the challenges is the first step in finding the right solutions. (And it doesn’t hurt to know you’re not alone! We’re all facing the same

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10 trends in digital internal communications

10 Trends: Digital internal communications

With new tools and technologies constantly being introduced, internal communicators have the difficult job of deciding what’s the right fit for their organization. “How can we leverage an app to integrate gamification into our enterprise and boost productivity?” “We’re small…do we really need an intranet?” “What format and platform should we use for our new

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The future of internal communications

The future of internal communications

Is your organization ready for the future of internal communications? Social, video, mobile, Intranets, wearables, BYOD, gamification, ESN, applification, Vlogs…This is only a small sampling of the latest and greatest technologies and trends in internal communications. Internal communications are evolving and we have to evolve with it. Why? If we don’t embrace new technologies to

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intranet where to start

Intranet: Where to start

Although the concept of intranets has been around for a while now, the platforms and technologies available continue to evolve. Some companies are still preparing to implement their first intranet. While other companies have an intranet, but might be due for a refresh. The sheer number of intranet platforms and customization options can be overwhelming.

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Intranet User Adoption

How to drive user adoption of your intranet

  If you build it, will they come? User adoption of an intranet can be a constant struggle in some organizations. For various reasons, some employees choose not to use the intranet. It can become neglected and outdated quickly, which makes the platform less valuable and drives user adoption down even further. But, there are

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