Intranet & Digital Workplace

Why You Should Attend The Intranet And Digital Workplace Summit

By Jason Oshita,      Hi Everyone, For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jason, the Client Engagement Manager here at We typically reserve these blog posts for informational topics with specific content. However, for this blog post, I wanted to do something a little different. Last week, I attended the 6th annual

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3 measures of digital workplace performance in an uncertain world

Written by Molly Anglin, Newsweaver. User sessions and page views fall short in measuring the true health and impact of an organization.  As our understanding of digital workplace evolves – the concepts of antifragility, collective intelligence and working out loud play a role in gauging our ability to navigate a highly competitive and uncertain world.

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7 dos and donts for co creation

7 Do’s and Don’ts for Co-Creation from Local Wisdom and Johnson & Johnson

Written By Pinaki Kathiari, Local Wisdom. Even the wintery Wisconsin conditions could not keep Pinaki Kathiari and Steve Garguilo from having a great time presenting to members of the Milwaukee BMA in their talk, “7 Do’s and Don’ts of Co-Creation.” Pinaki and Steve observed that interesting things happen in today’s business setting. Managers and employees meet

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What are Office 365 Groups? Back to Basics

Let’s get back to basics and start with a simple question, “What are Office 365 Groups?” Today, I’m going to take a step back and try to paint a clear picture about Microsoft Office 365 Groups; hopefully answering some of the basic questions like “what are Office 365 Groups?”, “what do they do?” and “how can enabling the

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intranet & digital workplace

Use your intranet properly – get a proper strategy!

Written by Tim Vaughan, Newsweaver Email, video, enterprise social networks, town hall meetings – internal communicators have never had so many platforms at their disposal than they have today. And right up there is the intranet, still challenging email for the top spot in the armory of communications. It continues to be one of the

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digital transformation

Defining the damn thing: digital transformation, digital workplace and intranet

Written by: Molly Anglin, Senior Consultant, Nonlinear Enterprise Is an intranet a digital workplace? Does the act of transitioning to a digital workplace equate to digital transformation? These terms, while sometimes uttered in the same breath, don’t cleanly align. This week, we clarify the definitions surrounding digital work today. For well over a decade, the

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digital workplace

Should you set goals for your digital workplace?

Written by: Molly Anglin, Senior Consultant, Nonlinear Enterprise The answer is not obvious. Will your digital workplace goals lead to new levels of productivity and performance or missed opportunities and bad behavior? In this article, we highlight recent research on goal setting and share four important considerations for the design of your digital workplace. If

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Social intranet

The Reasons Your Organization Should Adopt a Social Intranet

Written by Incentive Internal communication has never been the easiest of feats. Even if all your employees are on-site, miscommunications happen. It’s like a gigantic game of telephone – what you originally said is not what the employee at the end of the line hears. Miscommunication is only one pain point found inside the workplace.

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