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Top 10 KEY insights from the 7th Intranet & Digital Workplace Summit

By Gregg Apirian, Managing Director, Vignette. What A Great 3 Days! We recently had the honor of chairing the ALI 7th Annual Intranet & Digital Workplace Summit in San Francisco. It was great to meet all the attendees, but even greater to have walked away knowing that everyone thought the three days we spent together were

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Top 3 Digital Communication Tools to Eliminate Email Overload

By Siv Rauv, Elcom’s blog. Back in the early 1990s, many were skeptical about the prospect of email becoming a viable digital communication tool. Some even doubted the influence that the Internet itself would have on business. However, it didn’t take long for both the web and email to move from the fringes to a

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This Is an Exciting Time to be an Internal Communications Professional

Written by Paul Barton, ABC, Principal Consultant, Paul Barton Communications. I enjoyed copresenting “Shifting Culture and Technology Advances Bring Unique Opportunities” with Kris Pugsley, Global Communications Manager and Change Management, Compliance and Ethics, at ON Semi Conductor at the 7th annual ALI Intranet and Digital Workplace Summit in San Francisco today. It was an honor copresenting with Kris who is

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SBH Health System Employee Community Transformed with Workplace by Facebook

By Rachel Medanic, Talk Social to Me. In healthcare making a difference for one person has network effects. For SBH Health System (SBH) in the Bronx, New York, implementing a Workplace by Facebook online employee community has produced several benefits for the hospital. In just 4 months the online community has: Made organization-wide communication easier,

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What do you call your hourly or non-desk employees?

By Hannah Beasley, Red e App. What you call your employees is indicative of how you perceive them, which is an indicator of how you treat them, speak to them, and prioritize them. “It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” Henry David Thoreau When you look at your employees, what do

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Why You Should Attend The Intranet And Digital Workplace Summit

By Jason Oshita,      Hi Everyone, For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jason, the Client Engagement Manager here at We typically reserve these blog posts for informational topics with specific content. However, for this blog post, I wanted to do something a little different. Last week, I attended the 6th annual

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3 measures of digital workplace performance in an uncertain world

Written by Molly Anglin, Newsweaver. User sessions and page views fall short in measuring the true health and impact of an organization.  As our understanding of digital workplace evolves – the concepts of antifragility, collective intelligence and working out loud play a role in gauging our ability to navigate a highly competitive and uncertain world.

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7 dos and donts for co creation

7 Do’s and Don’ts for Co-Creation from Local Wisdom and Johnson & Johnson

Written By Pinaki Kathiari, Local Wisdom. Even the wintery Wisconsin conditions could not keep Pinaki Kathiari and Steve Garguilo from having a great time presenting to members of the Milwaukee BMA in their talk, “7 Do’s and Don’ts of Co-Creation.” Pinaki and Steve observed that interesting things happen in today’s business setting. Managers and employees meet

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