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5 Rules to turn the tables on your collaboration tools technology initiative

Written by Rachel Medanic, Talk Social to Me.   If you lead Internal Communications or IT at your company, you likely have been watching recent developments in collaboration technology. Collaboration for the enterprise is expected to be a $49b market by 2021. The number of companies vying for that market (enterprise social networking being the

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5 Projects To Implement Now To Improve Your Intranet

By Jason Oshita, When it comes to your Intranet, a little creativity goes a long way. The countless features your portal offers makes it simple to incorporate new projects, pages, and forums to improve internal communications, workflows, and more. Turn your brilliant ideas into reality (your vendor will be able to help you, too!)

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Time is running out to register for the SharePoint for Internal Communications conference

Attend the SharePoint for Internal Communications Conference, Oct. 24-26, Atlanta to learn innovative engagement strategies to maximize user adoption, manage content and governance, and drive employee collaboration. Register now and have access to:  18+ innovative speakers and over 24 hours of intense, interactive learning – we guarantee you will recoup your money spent by implementing

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Supercharged Collaboration with Partners, Vendors and Customers in Workplace by Facebook Multi Company Groups

By Carrie Basham Young, Talk to Me Social. Last week, Workplace by Facebook rolled out the ability for companies to collaborate securely with non-employees inside designated “Multi Company Groups” (MCGs for short), even if the external collaborators don’t have a Workplace account of their own. Collaboration with business partners outside of one’s own company is

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Making the Switch from Jive to Workplace by Facebook

By Talk Social To Me. Organizations considering migrating from Jive to Workplace need to think about some significant differences in the products and account for them prior to making the leap. There is no single collaboration platform that will be all things to all people. There. We said it. Surprised? If you’ve been living and

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Workplace by Facebook for Health Care: How to Deal With the Top Three Use Concerns

Written by Michelle O’Gara. There’s no question that social media are a game-changer – and so is Workplace by Facebook. Facebook currently connects more than 1.94 billion monthly active users on its public-facing network site. One could wager that many of those users work for the same health care organization as you. Health care thought

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