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The Transition of the Chief Marketing Officer to the Chief Growth Officer-It’s the Real Thing

Written by Rob Rosenberg, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy Last year brought about many major shifts and conversations in the healthcare industry; from new national health plans to ongoing debates of repeal or reform of the Affordable Care Act. All of these have had an impact on healthcare marketing and most organizations are holding tight

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Consumer trends impacting healthcare marketing in 2018 have already happened

By now, we have all seen the articles, blog posts, and other content on consumer trends in healthcare marketing for 2018.   From Artificial Intelligence and big data to value, there is no doubt the industry will continue to transform and consumer expectations and behavior will keep pace with the changes.  And, while it’s tough to

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How Can Healthcare Facilities Cut Policy Management Costs?

Healthcare facilities have to meet their management objectives, customer expectations, industry standards and government regulations. Regardless of the goals, they want to have comprehensive policies and procedures that will be accessible to their employees. But is it possible to keep policies in check and keep management costs to a minimum? There are three main things

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