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measuring value

Unsure about measuring value? Get over it! It’s where the money’s going to be. Just ask a Smashing Pumpkin

Picture Credit: @Bmorrisonphoto For far too many internal communication professionals the concept of measurement is a bit like physical activity for the deplorably lazy: they know they should do it, they know that it’s good for them, but they find it difficult so don’t do it nearly as often as they should. It’s time to

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Internal communications and the corporate newsroom

It’s time Internal Communicators thought like journalists – the corporate newsroom is on the rise.

Listening to the recent Newsweaver webinar on the Rise of the Corporate Newsroom organized by my colleague Emma Hanley was a fascinating experience, for someone who left a long career in journalism four months ago for a new role in the Internal Communications industry. Emma had organized James Curtis and Abigail Levene, directors of corporate

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intranet & digital workplace

Use your intranet properly – get a proper strategy!

Written by Tim Vaughan, Newsweaver Email, video, enterprise social networks, town hall meetings – internal communicators have never had so many platforms at their disposal than they have today. And right up there is the intranet, still challenging email for the top spot in the armory of communications. It continues to be one of the

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measure return on investment

How to measure return on investment (ROI) in Internal Communications? Is it time to ask a different question?

Written by: Tim Vaughan of Newsweaver First, that wonderful and inarguable fact that everybody involved in Internal Communications knows as well as they know their boss’s name (or should do, anyway):  companies with highly effective IC strategies are likely to outperform their industry peers by a factor of 3.5. That, by any measurement, is a

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Unleash the power of storytelling: Build trust, win hearts and change minds

Written by Emma Hanley, Newsweaver Communications Specialist There is nothing more engaging than a great story teller and Rob Biesenbach knows all about it, especially the invaluable role storytelling can play in the world of internal communications today. Rob is a communication professional, an actor and very much in-demand speaker, and last month we collaborated

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digital transformation

Defining the damn thing: digital transformation, digital workplace and intranet

Written by: Molly Anglin, Senior Consultant, Nonlinear Enterprise Is an intranet a digital workplace? Does the act of transitioning to a digital workplace equate to digital transformation? These terms, while sometimes uttered in the same breath, don’t cleanly align. This week, we clarify the definitions surrounding digital work today. For well over a decade, the

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digital workplace

Should you set goals for your digital workplace?

Written by: Molly Anglin, Senior Consultant, Nonlinear Enterprise The answer is not obvious. Will your digital workplace goals lead to new levels of productivity and performance or missed opportunities and bad behavior? In this article, we highlight recent research on goal setting and share four important considerations for the design of your digital workplace. If

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