Aligning HR & Communications for a Better Employee Experience: Conference Roundup

Aligning HR & Communications for a Better Employee Experience: Conference Roundup

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HR & ICThis past May, ALI Conferences hosted our 2nd Annual Aligning HR & Internal Communications Conference in Times Square, New York City. Communicators and HR professionals from across the country came together to discuss their biggest challenges, strategies, and practical solutions for aligning their company’s communication for a better employee experience.

Attendees Biggest Challenges:

  • Shaping company culture.
  • Turn the Employee Value Proposition into an in-house theme. Switch from “selling” it to customers, to employees believing in the the mission of the company.
  • Properly measure effectiveness of internal communications.
  • Reaching a non-desk workforce effectively.
  • Launching new systems & platforms—How do you tailor internal communications to get the most out of your investment.
  • New ideas for employee recognition & engagement.
  • Transitioning from traditional to new ideas for a younger workforce.

Best Practices and Solutions:

  • Eric Hutcherson showed attendees how the NBA aligned their HR and Communications by creating an internal brand within their external brand and in direct alignment with it.
  • Kim Essency Pillari presented how AIG re-examined the partnership between of HR and Communications to achieve employee engagement/employee fulfillment goals.
  • Sunni Hemingsen and Sarah Shtylla gave attendees practical examples of how Mayo Clinic’s HR and Communications collaborated to create employee podcast topics that aligned with the organization’s mission.

Plus, many more engaging sessions with tips and advice on how attendees can align their own departments back home!

Interested in hearing more? Check out our complete conference schedule here.

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