ALI Star Of The Month: July 2020 — Kevin Finke

ALI Star Of The Month: July 2020 — Kevin Finke

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We Are Proud To Announce The July 2020 ALI Star Of The Month: Kevin Finke, Owner & Chief Storyteller of Experience Willow LLC.

The ALI Team unanimously nominated Kevin Finke for the July 2020 ALI Star of the Month. Kevin is consistently highly rated as a conference moderator and workshop leader for ALI Conferences. He brings a lot of positive energy and infectious fun to our conferences. Time after time, Kevin has come up with innovative ideas to keep conferences and sessions interesting, like introducing an online and real-time polling to help attendees network during virtual conferences.

What we most appreciate about Kevin is that he is always eager to volunteer his time to help his colleagues succeed!

Kevin Finke is the instructor for the Aug. 5-6, 2020 virtual ALI Masterclass: Storytelling for Internal Communications. Learn from Kevin practical strategies to help you harness the power of shared stories & meaningful experiences to cultivate engagement, growth, and change.

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Without Further Ado, the July 2020 ALI Star Of The Month, Kevin Finke:

Kevin Finke at the 2017 July Strategic Internal Communications conference

Kevin Finke at the 2017 July Strategic Internal Communications conference

What makes you passionate about your work/organization/team/all of the above?

Helping others envision a new or different future for themselves and then coaching them into that new reality. I’m passionate about cultivating positive, sustainable changes in others’ lives and organizations.

What is your organization doing differently during this time to improve the employee experience?

We’ve been a 100% remote work culture since our inception, so it’s basically been business as usual for us during the COVID crisis. One space we’ve been getting deeper into with our clients over the past few months is inclusion and diversity. We’re helping multiple partners use agile design to drive more diversity in their organizations and create more inclusive environments and experiences for their people.

What’s something positive you have seen or done recently that has made you happy?

Kevin Finke's Vegetable Garden

via Instagram

I grew up in a small rural farming community in southern Illinois, and the vegetable garden was a big part of that lifestyle. This summer I planted my first beds at my new home in Georgia. Nurturing and growing these plants makes me really happy!

What book is on your nightstand/coffee table right now?

I wish I could say I’m an avid book reader, but I’m not. I tend to consume more audio or visually rich content. The last book that was added to my library though was employee experience guru Jacob Morgan’s newest book, The Future Leader.

What is your favorite podcast (unrelated to work)?

I listen to several storytelling podcasts. Two of my favorites are The Moth and This American Life. I’m also a huge supporter of public television and radio. One of my favorite podcasts from those outlets is Fresh Air. 



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