8 ways to engage Millennial employees

8 ways to engage Millennial employees

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A high level of employee engagement is a goal of every organization. With a highly engaged workforce comes productivity and, ultimately, positive business results.

The Millennial workforce often has priorities varying from that of other generational employees, say Baby Boomers. So, in order to effectively engage your Millennial employees, it’s important to be clear about what motivates them.

Here are 8 effective ways to engage Millennial employees…

Create opportunities for them to be social. Whether this means employing a tool like an enterprise social network (ESN) or having a monthly three-legged race down the halls, creating opportunities for employees to be social allows them to connect more deeply with each other and be more productive.

Provide flexibility in the workplace. Millennials value a healthy work-life balance and they want an employer that understands and respects that. Non-traditional “benefits”, such as a flexible schedule or remote work options, can help Millennials feel valued, which is very important to them.

Define and clearly communicate performance expectations. Communicating performance expectations and objections helps to focus Millennials. Perhaps surprisingly, most Millennials respond well to structure!

Develop career paths and advancement opportunities. Millennials want to feel like they are working towards something. They are natural collaborators and have their sights set on leadership.

Inspire them with productive and frequent feedback. Millennials thrive in an environment where they are frequently receiving feedback. This will motivate them to continue to grow and know they are headed in the right direction with their daily efforts.

Encourage collaboration. Collaboration is key in any work environment. Luckily for us, Millennials are natural collaborators. Make sure you’re creating a workplace and implementing tools that allow for free-flowing collaboration among your employees.

Motivate them with positive feedback. Don’t we all like getting compliments every now and again? Millennials are no different. When they do something great, they appreciate the acknowledgment! It inspires them to achieve greatness again and again.

Give them purpose. Millennials want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They strive to make a difference in the world they live in. To inspire Millennials, make sure they fully understand the “why” behind every task.


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