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10 Ways to Reach Your Non-Desk Employees

internal communicationsBy Andreas Slotosch, Beekeeper.

Many companies struggle with keeping non-desk employees in the loop and aligned with the organization. They aren’t regularly a part of the company’s internal communication circle. This can turn into a big problem as non-desk workers become less engaged, which results in costly turnover.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to reach non-desk employees easily and effectively. We’ve identified some modern solutions:

  1. Mobile employee apps

Whether your coworkers are spread out across town or around the world, in the office or in the field, utilizing mobile communication will help you reach every single one.

  1. BYOD policy

Due to the increasing importance of mobile communication, companies should consider creating a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. This will set guidelines for employees to use their own mobile devices for business purposes to save companies money, while also making communication more convenient for colleagues.

  1. Digital workspace

A thoughtfully created and curated digital workplace will unite the entire organization. This will allow non-desk workers to work seamlessly with in-office employees, regardless of location.

  1. Real-time communication app

As many as 83% of non-desk employees don’t have a corporate email address, making it incredibly difficult for them to stay in touch with the central office where email is the primary method of communication. A designated internal messaging app allows non-desk employees to receive information in real-time to perform their jobs more efficiently.

  1. File sharing apps

Teams from every department and location need to share files with one another. If any of them don’t have access to email, options can be limited. A specific file sharing app, or one that is integrated into an internal communication hub, enables easy file sharing to increase productivity.


  1. In-person meetings

When possible, make it a point to have in-person meetings with your non-desk employees. Because many spend so much time out in the field, often alone or in small teams, getting everyone together in person can be fun, productive, and improve morale. Face time also helps overcome hierarchical boundaries.

  1. Webinars and live video

While in-person meetings are ideal, it’s not always possible to get everyone in the same place at the same time. In that case, consider offering webinars or even live video conferencing with non-desk employees and teams.


  1. Digital displays

If your company has non-desk employees who work on the floor, consider using digital displays to put important information front and center. If they are placed in high-traffic areas like break rooms, they can be used to share announcements, policy changes, or other valuable intel. And the best thing about digital displays is that updating them is a quick, simple process.


  1. Digital forms and surveys

Need your non-desk employees to fill out forms or surveys? Have them available online. Colleagues can fill them out when they have time, and they will be immediately available to management who needs them. Or use employee survey chatbots to create, distribute, and receive feedback in a matter of minutes.


  1. Company-specific app

The best way to reach non-desk employees is with a branded app created just for your company. It can either be created from scratch in-house or a customizable app like Beekeeper. This app can accomplish several things on this list all at once!

However you choose to reach non-desk workers, it’s important that you do. Engagement reduces costs and creates more stable business operations. Not to mention happier colleagues which bleeds into the way they treat customers.

This article was originally written on Beekeeper’s blog.

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