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Benefits Of Attending This Critical Conference:

This conference is a must-attend event for all those who are serious about using social media to engage employees and citizens by using blogging, podcasting and the latest Web 2.0 technologies to drive communication results. You will benefit from:

  • 16 innovative speakers at your disposal to share their strategies and experiences in using social networking and Web 2.0 tools
  • Over 24 hours of intense, interactive learning - we guarantee you will recoup your money spent by implementing just a few of the strategies shared during the conference
  • Optional networking lunches that give you the opportunity to brainstorm and benchmark solutions with your fellow attendees
  • Unique and interactive workshop sessions that will enable you to practice and apply your skills in peer groups -- you will walk away with strategies and tactics that you can begin to implement in your own organization
  • An abundance of networking opportunities - you will make many new contacts so be sure to bring plenty of business cards
  • A comprehensive overview of social media innovations from leading practitioners like the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Alberta Geological Survey, and many more
  • Acquiring new knowledge to lead your organization through the imperative, yet sometimes extremely difficult, responsibility of ensuring that the right information gets to the right people, efficiently and effectively
  • Participating in instructional sessions that will share real-world examples, tactics and lessons learned from leading social media initiatives that will ground you in advancing your own strategy
  • The opportunity to learn how to use new social media tools to foster your organization's values and mission in a hands-on environment
  • A complimentary packet of research materials that will serve as a helpful resource long after you have attended this conference
  • A formal Certificate of Completion, which documents your training achievement and commitment to continuing professional development
A Letter From The Conference Chairperson...
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Dear Government Communicator,

The social web. For some it is simply about entertainment - - sharing stories on Facebook about a family vacation with old classmates and friends, for example. For others, the social web is an opportunity to communicate policy, influence decision-makers and engage citizens in discussion and debate.

I think it's safe to say that we all believe strongly in democracy and all that it stands for. Social media, at its core, is individual citizens expressing themselves in a variety of ways using a variety of technologies. In fact, one perspective may be to describe the social web as a free form of democracy at work. This can sometimes be an uncomfortable reality for people in government and yet it doesn’t have to be. Education is the key, as is learning from others, sharing your own experiences and, yes, maybe even your concerns or fears. We are living in a very exciting time, not only for government, but for all citizens. Social media connects us in ways that traditional methods could only dream of doing.

Incredible power is available to you and your colleagues, power that enables you to engage in meaningful discussions with Canadians and do it in such a way that facilitates the sharing of perspectives, educating others and learning new ways of doing things. Sure, the power commands responsibility and prudence, that's why in part this conference exists and, to date, has been so successful.

In the mid to late 1990s, we were all simply stuck with an Internet that essentially was a "one-way" broadcasting system for organizations. Today, social media has changed all that. The social web is powerful, scalable and enables an individual to talk with one person or communicate with the masses; build rapport with individuals or entire communities and from there look to build consensus, learn about emerging trends, opinions and be in a position to react quickly.

All of this may sound absolutely terrific but for some it may also be just a little bit intimidating. Words like transparency, negativity, confrontation and bravery start to appear. How does the public sector, with its unique work environment, constraints and purpose operate effectively within what some call the "human web" and survive the scrutiny? Join your colleagues to hear strategies and lessons learned from real government organizations – to help you develop your own strategies and plans.


This conference will feature speakers who have tested and proven the power of social media in public sector settings. They will talk about what worked, what didn't and how to avoid making mistakes that can lead to failure.

You will hear, firsthand, how:
  • The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario has direct experience with social media monitoring, and how they gained support from senior management and their technology group
  • The City of Calgary experienced using various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs for their social media strategy
  • Genome Alberta has integrated social media and mainstream media into their communications strategy, and is getting the best return on their communications dollar

Register today online or by calling our conference hotline at 773-695-9400. Attend A.L.I.'s "SOCIAL MEDIA FOR GOVERNMENT: How To Engage Your Employees And Citizens By Using The Latest Web 2.0 Technologies To Drive Communication Results," this January in Edmonton, to hear from communicators who are currently social media tools, with results and benefits.


Walter Schwabe, CEO
Conference Chairperson

P.S. Make your investment pay off even more by bringing a team! Register 3 people and get the 4th for FREE! Call (773) 695-9400 or Click here for details.

P.P.S. Check out the issues and solutions that past Social Media for Government conference attendees are talking about at the Social Media for Government blog: http://socialmedia4govottawa.wordpress.com/.

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