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The December 2011 program has been rescheduled to February 2012 - Click here for details.

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This conference is a must-attend event for all those who are serious about improving their citizen and stakeholder engagement efforts by using new media and traditional channels to enhance transparency and drive meaningful results. You will benefit from:

  • 19 innovative speakers at your disposal to share their strategies and experiences in using social media and traditional communication tools that are already proven to work
  • Over 25 hours of intense, interactive learning - we guarantee you will recoup your money spent by implementing just a few of the strategies shared during the conference
  • The opportunity to customize your learning by participating in unique and interactive workshop sessions that will enable you to practice and apply your skills in peer groups -- you will walk away with strategies and tactics that you can begin to implement in your own organization  - go to www.aliconferences.com for more details
  • An abundance of networking opportunities -- be sure to bring plenty of business cards as you will make many new contacts
  • A comprehensive overview of engagement strategies and processes from leading practitioners like the U.S. Department of State, Maryland Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Census Bureau, and many more
  • Acquiring new knowledge to lead your organization through the imperative, yet sometimes extremely difficult, responsibility of ensuring that the right information gets to the right people, efficiently and effectively
  • A complimentary packet of research materials that will serve as a helpful resource long after you have attended this conference
  • A formal Certificate of Completion which documents your training achievement and commitment to continuing professional development
  • Optional networking lunches that give you the opportunity to brainstorm and benchmark solutions with your fellow attendees
  • Participating in instructional sessions that will share real-world examples, tactics and lessons learned from leading citizen and stakeholder engagement initiatives that will ground you in advancing your own strategy
  • The opportunity to learn how to engage your citizens by using new media and traditional channels from leading government agencies and organizations
  • Access to the conference wiki you'll have the opportunity to collaborate and keep in touch with your colleagues after the event using this social media communication tool
A Letter From The Conference ChairpersoN...

Dear Federal, State and Local Government Communications Professionals:

New media, combined with traditional channels, continues to dramatically change the way we communicate with each other, with citizens, and with our stakeholders. We can no longer assume that our stakeholders will receive our key messages if we do not diversify the channels through which they are delivered. We are deep into the social network era and it is being used by the public sector in more innovative ways – agencies can no longer take a “wait and see” approach, the time to begin implementing a more innovative social media strategy is NOW.

We know things move fast when it comes to social media; it seems like just a few years ago nobody had even heard of Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and now they’ve become essential tools for communicating with almost any audience. However, new tools don’t necessarily change basic communications strategies or tactics, they just increase the pace and reach of your messaging. That’s why we’re excited about this conference, as we’ll be demonstrating real world examples from government and public sector practitioners and learn about how they leveraged social media tools to reach, communicate, and engage with their audiences. I hope you’ll be able to join us!

How Will This Conference Help You And Your Organization?

This conference will help you understand how to utilize new media and balance traditional channels used to communicate with your employees, the citizens you serve, and other stakeholders and customers – don't be left behind!

At this conference, you will hear proven strategies and practical experiences, firsthand, from leading organizations and practitioners, on how to engage citizens and stakeholders by using new media and traditional channels to improve your communication initiatives and practices, including how the:
  • U.S. Army Public Affairs has successfully mastered the act of balancing security and open communication when operating in the social media space
  • Maryland Emergency Management Agency utilizes social media tools for a place of planning, strategy, networking, and recruiting during a chaotic situation
  • U.S. Census Bureau has enhanced public trust with the use of social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, and blogs
Register today online, or call our conference hotline at 888-362-7400, to attend A.L.I.'s conference on "Social Media for Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement in Government: Using New Media & Traditional Channels To Enhance Transparency, Improve Communications, & Drive Meaningful Results” this December in Washington, DC. Take this opportunity to hear from leading communicators and organizations that are advancing their citizen and stakeholder engagement plans to change the way their organizations operate and communicate.
I look forward to seeing you at this information-packed event.

Robert Shea, Principal
Conference Chairperson

P.S. Reserve your spot today to learn how you and your team can better manage your citizen and stakeholder engagement efforts to enhance transparency and improve communication. Register 3 people and get the 4th for FREE! Click here for more information or call (888) 362-7400 to register today.

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